The High Gear Impact Reduction suit is state-of-the-art force-on-force scenario equipment designed to help create the most realistic training experience. The custom athletic design ensures a snug fit for a maximum range of motion and protection.  High Gear is perfect for all aspects of defensive tactics and combatives. It can be used for DT training to SWAT CQB force-on-force scenarios.

High Gear will change how you prepare for violence! Incorporating lightweight, flexible gear into scenario training will enhance the survivability of everyone you train. To prepare for real-life confrontations, it’s necessary to replicate the actual attacks and natural movements. High Gear allows the role-player to achieve this level of authenticity.

High Gear has been on the market for three decades and is used by law enforcement and military organizations worldwide to improve their force-on-force simulations. High Gear is the only training suit that allows your role players to move with natural speed and movement as if they weren’t wearing any gear at all.

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