Hostage Negotiation – Basic

This class is designed for law enforcement professionals and their support personnel who desire to join, are assigned to, or are in command of crisis/hostage negotiation teams. This course is based on the training recommendations from the National Council of Negotiation Associations and on current research into best practices in the area of negotiation. It provides an extensive look at the tactics and procedures employed to successfully resolve situations involving hostage takers and barricaded or suicidal subjects.


  • Understand command structure during critical incidents
  • Understand negotiation team composition and responsibilities
  • Understand equipment requirements and applications
  • Identify community-based resources that can assist in resolving incidents
  • Understand a multitude of psychological disorders and how to engage each
  • Identify various behavioral profiles that frequently go into crisis and how to engage each
  • Understand the importance of intelligence gathering and how to prioritize information acquisition
  • Understand the various communication techniques required to adjust for situational variables
  • Identify community resources available to assist resolve situations
  • Understand the impact of stress on the negotiator as they attempt to resolve situations

Duration: 5-Day (40-Hours)

Tuition:  $550.00


Equipment Required: None


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