Hosting Application

Team One Network Training Host Packet

Submission of this hosting application will initiate the process of becoming an Official Team One Network Host Training Site.

Becoming an Official Host Training Site requires your agency to provide suitable training areas and projection support.  These requirements differ from course to course and we’ll work with you to ensure you are fully prepared to support each requirement.

There is no hosting fee however, we rely heavily on our hosts to actively market their program to other agencies in their area via fax, email, flyers, or other resources. We will handle all registrations, accounting, paperwork, and national level marketing. In return, you will receive one (1) free slot for less than 16 students or (2) free slots equal and above 16 students, for each course conducted at your facility.

We appreciate your interest in Team One Network.

If you have any questions while completing this application, please call me directly at (540) 752-8190 or via e-mail at