John T. Meyer Jr.

John is President of Team One Network; LLC a company established to test, evaluate, train and market various manufacturers’ products to the Law Enforcement community as related to officer survival. John spent 15 years with Heckler & Koch, Inc., ultimately rising to the position of Vice President of Sales and International Training. John led a team of instructors that pioneered the integration of formalized training doctrine with practical field experience. These cutting edge, realistic tactical training courses have become an industry standard. John was a Lieutenant with the DOD Police, where he served as a special reaction team leader and is a past President of FOP Middle Forge Lodge 100. He was a member of the Board Directors of the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI) from 1988 to 2018 and served as Vice President from 1990-2016. John is a recipient of the “Charlie Smith IALEFI Award of Merit”.

Zak Albrecht

Zak has 14 years of law enforcement experience. Zak started his career with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Zak then moved into corrections with Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department and later joining Marinette County Sheriff’s Department where he currently works. Zak has been involved with the Sheriff’s Recreation Patrol since 2008. Zak has extensive training in tactical boat, ATV and snowmobile patrol. Zak has also been an Adjunct Instructor with NWTC-Green Bay since 2010. Zak was half of the team that developed the Tactical ATV and Snowmobile courses. Zak instructs Tactical ATV and Snowmobile safety courses to Game Wardens, state and local officers.

Eric Benson

Eric retired from the FBI as a Supervisory Special Agent after 30 years of service, the last 11 of which he was assigned to the FBI Tactical Section, SWAT Operations Unit (SOU) at Quantico, Virginia.  While at SOU he was responsible for conducting basic and advanced training for the FBI national SWAT program as well as for state and local officers.  He also assisted SWAT team leaders in the planning and execution of large-scale operations and special events and deployed to these operations.  He managed the FBI SWAT tactical rope access and tactical helicopter operations courses.  Eric was involved in FBI SWAT operations for over 28 years.  Before his assignment to SOU, he was an FBI SWAT Senior Team Leader and prior to his employment with the FBI, he was a police officer in Massachusetts.  He has conducted training both in the US and internationally.  Eric received FBI certifications as a tactical instructor, firearms instructor, and defensive tactics instructor.  He is also a certified Emergency Medical Technician.  Eric is a recipient of the FBI Master Police Instructor Award.

Ray Boyd

Ray has been in the law enforcement and security field since 1979. He was a member of SWAT at Kennedy Space Center/Cape Canaveral Air Force Station for 19 years prior to accepting a position as a Firearms Instructor at the Kennedy Space Center firing range, where he currently is the Range Master. Ray has completed instructor certification courses through Team One, Heckler and Koch, NRA and FLETC in tactical handgun, submachine gun, patrol rifle and precision rifle as well as low light/laser, active countermeasures and use of force. He also has completed armorer certifications through Team One, Heckler and Koch, Beretta and Glock.

David Brancato

David retired from the Clifton New Jersey Police Department in 2012, after 34 years of distinguished service. During his last 10 years of service he was assigned as the Clifton Police Department’s Range Master. David is one of the founding members of the Tactical Response Team which was formed in 1983, where he served as an Operator, Team Leader and the team’s lead Firearms and Tactics Instructor. He has trained law enforcement and military personnel throughout the country as one of the original adjunct instructors with Heckler & Koch’s International Training Division from 1990 through 2002. He has been instructing with Team One Network since its inception.

John J. Burdock

A 29 year Law Enforcement veteran, John currently serves as Major for the Indian River County Sheriffs Office in Vero Beach, Florida and is an Adjunct Instructor at Indian River State College. John is a former SWAT Team Commander and 17 year veteran of his department SWAT team. John has been a contract trainer for the Safariland Training Group since 1996 and specializes in Ballistic Shield Training. He has instructed cutting edge Ballistic Shield courses to all levels of Law Enforcement and Military personnel worldwide. John is also a certified instructor in firearms, defensive tactics and CQB, a graduate of Marine Corps Scout Sniper School, he holds a B.S. from Barry University in Public Administration and is a graduate of the 63rd Command Officer Development Course from the Southern Police Institute.

Dave Coffey, JD

Dave is a professor of Criminal Justice and is department head of Police Science at Thomas Nelson Community College in Virginia. He is an Instructor at the Allied Armed Force Staff College and Christopher Newport University, and served as both a Police Officer and as a Deputy District Attorney in Los Angeles, CA with more than 20 years of experience in Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice. Dave worked as a consultant to State and Local Law Enforcement agencies and presenter for I.A.C.P. and DOJ on use of force training, less lethal technologies, civil liability, departmental policies and procedures, gangs, high-risk search warrants and tactical operations. Dave has extensive internationally law enforcement experience to include Afghanistan, Russia, Ukraine, China, El Salvador, UAE, and numerous other countries. Dave received numerous honors both nationally and internationally for his work in law enforcement and criminal justice. Dave is the author of several books on these topics.

Robert Cole

Robert is a United States Marine Corps Veteran with 10-years of service.  He was an infantry Sergeant and deployed to multiple countries including; Afghanistan, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, Guam, South Korea, and Australia. His personal awards include the Purple Heart, Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal with combat distinguishing device, and the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal 2nd award.  He served as the Assistant Operations Chief for the Regimental Operations office aboard The Basic School at MCB Quantico Virginia training new Marine Corps officers.  Robert oversaw logistical support for training. He is currently working on a Bachelors degree in Business Administration in Oregon.  Robert is the Training Coordinator for Team One Network.

Mauro Di Ceglie

20 years as Police Chief Assistant, and Italian State Police Defensive Tactics Instructor, first two years he served as Police Military and considering his capabilities in Martial Arts and Combat Sports, he became Self Defense Assistant Instructor at Police Training Centers. Instructor of: Krav Maga-Karate-Kung Fu-Jeet Kune Do-Kali Arnis Escrima-Savate-Kick Boxing-Shooto-Muay Thai. He served at Operating Divisions as Crowd Management, Railways Police, Police Departments and Undercover. Also at Metropolitan Police Car training 456 operators at the knife defense, tactical baton, and truncheon usage. Instructor for REDMAN, Tactical Baton MONADNOCK, Spray Defender ASP, Hand Cuffing, Defense Knife and Machete EXTREMA RATIO, Hand to Hand Close Quarter Kombat. In 20 years he trained more than 5000 people from Agents, Military, Special Operators Unit, and formed 80 Police Instructors.

Michael A. Champa

Mike is currently a Patrol Commander with the rank of Captain for a Federal Police Agency, with over 30 years of service. He is the senior firearms instructor, range master and armorer for his department. He has current instructor certifications for Handgun, Shotgun, Patrol Rifle, Select Fire, Tactical Shooting and Tactical Shotgun.  He is also a certified Active Shooter Instructor, Shoot House Instructor, Range Master, Simunitions FX Force on Force Instructor, Monadnock PR-24 Instructor, Def Tech OC Instructor and Traffic RADAR Instructor.  Mike has worked as an adjunct instructor and SME for the US Army’s ARDEC Homeland Defense Technology Center and ARDEC Warfighter Central. He is an Army veteran, having served as a Parachute Infantryman with the 82nd Airborne Division.

Sean Conrad

Lt. Sean Conrad is a Platoon Commander for The Jefferson Township Police Department located in Morris County, New Jersey. He is currently responsible for patrol operations for two patrol squads. He has over 23 years experience in law enforcement . He is qualified as an operator/instructor for Handgun/Shotgun/Assault Rifle and Scoped Rifle. He has work experience as a Field Training Officer, Narcotics Investigator, DARE Officer and Patrol Operations Supervisor. He is the lead firearms instructor and training coordinator for the department. He has achieved multiple weapons and instructor certifications. He is a multiple weapon armorer, ballistic shield instructor and force on force instructor.

Michael J. Downey II

Mike is a USAF Security Forces member and currently assigned to the Pentagon in Washington D.C. He serves as the Personal Security Officer for a Senior Military Official. In his 16 years of experience he has performed protective service missions, law enforcement duties, flight line security, combat arms training and has served as an emergency services team member. He was the Chief of the Firearms and Tactics Unit for the Air Force Office of Special Investigations at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC). He has trained over 100,000 students throughout the world.

Pete Ebel

Lt. Pete Ebel is in his 29th year as a law enforcement officer, serving the Palm Beach County (FL) Sheriff’s Office as supervisor of major cases in the Narcotics Division. He was previously the commander of the Homicide and Firearms Investigative Units, Tactical Unit, Gang Unit, and executive officer of the Violent Crimes Division. His career began at the Lake Worth Police Department. There, he served as a Road Patrol and Tactical Officer, FTO, Detective, Training Sergeant, Lieutenant, and SWAT team leader. In his last 5 years at LWPD, he was the Special Operations Division commander (Tactical, Narcotics and K9 units and SWAT Team). Pete has been a firearms and general topics instructor for 20 years, with the Palm Beach State College Criminal Justice Institute, where he teaches advanced and academy classes. He specializes in the areas of use of force, excited delirium, tactics and safety. He teaches leadership for FDLE. Pete was recently certified as Force Science Institute Analyst.

Williams Evans

Sgt. William Evans is the Range Master at Palm Beach County (FL) Sheriff’s Office. His 39-year career started at Cumberland County (NC) Sheriff’s Office after two years in the Army. He also worked for the Kenova City Police Department and the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office in WV. He served the Lake Worth City (FL) Police Department as a Patrol Officer, FTO, Detective, Narcotics Agent, Patrol Sergeant, Street Crimes Sergeant, SWAT Team Leader and Training Supervisor. Lake Worth Police Department merged with Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office and he became the Firearms Training Facility Range Master. He is a state-certified firearms instructor and serves as an adjunct instructor for the Palm Beach State College Criminal Justice Institute where he instructs firearms, vehicle operations and defensive tactics. He holds instructor certification in pistol, shotgun, sub-gun, carbine, PepperBall, 40mm, Taser and RCB Baton. He is a Force Science Institute, Force Science Analyst.

Benjamin “Ben” W. Fravel

Ben is a retired First Sergeant with the Prince William County, VA Police Department and a retired Sergeant Major (Reserve) with the Army Special Forces. He served 26 years as a Sniper Team Leader. He has instructed for several different organizations on a number of law enforcement, security, and executive protections subjects with sniper operations, SWAT operations, surveillance photography, security operations, and intelligence collection being his focus.

Lou Ann Hamblin

Lou Ann retired after proudly serving the law enforcement profession for 22 years. Lou Ann is co-owner of LouKa Tactical and for over 20 years has instructed nationally in the areas of lethal force, instructor development, officer survival, training specific for female officers and specialty units. Lou Ann is a certified firearms and defensive tactics instructor in a variety of disciplines and a certified police and EMS cycling instructor. Lou Ann has presented at a number of national conferences including ILEETA, NTOA, IAWP, IALEFI, RMWLE to name a few. Lou Ann has also written many articles published in the area of firearms and tactics training in various publications.  Lou Ann currently serves on IALEFI’s Board of Directors and is an Advisory Board Member for Lou Ann holds a master’s degree in education specializing in Human Performance Technology and Instructional Design from the University of Michigan.

Neil Honkala

Neil started his career with a 100 man South Florida municipal police department. He spent most of his career as a SWAT team member, serving as a sniper, entry team member and team leader. Neil was a state-certified firearms trainer and holds instructor certifications in pistol, shotgun, sub-gun, carbine and other SWAT/Tactical related disciplines. He has served as a road patrol officer, field training officer, tactical patrol force (street crimes) officer and undercover narcotics agent as well as supervising the tactical patrol force and K9 unit. The agency was merged with its county sheriff’s office and Neil served as a patrol supervisor until his retirement in January 2016, completing 26 years law enforcement service.

Russ Huth

Russ has 24 years of law enforcement experience, which began after receiving his Bachelor of Art degrees in Criminal Justice and Spanish. Russ is currently assigned as an Instructor with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office (FL) Training Division, where he has worked for 4 of his 14 years with the agency.  Russ has also instructed at IALEFI.  In addition to working as an instructor, Russ has been a bike patrol officer, Investigator, FTO, SWAT (entry team member and sniper), and provided Dignitary Protection. Russ also served in the U.S. Army for 11 years, stationed in South Korea and Ft. Stewart, GA.  His duties and assignments as an MP included: safety and security training for troops being deployed to Bosnia and Iraq, developing emergency response protocols for key facilities, and was an integral team member in identifying, developing and implementing force protection plans for high value areas in Ft. Stewart, GA and Hunter Army Airfield, GA after the 9/11 attacks.  He is an Iraqi War Veteran.  His education, law enforcement, and military experience have provided him with a well-rounded prospective and approach to law enforcement. He holds several Instructor Certifications which include Firearms, Defensive Tactics, Vehicle Operations, RCB Baton, Taser, PepperBall, 40mm, Patrol Rifle, Shotgun, Reactive Steel, Shoot House, and Mechanical Breaching.

Edward S. Janke

Ed is the Chief Deputy of the Oconto County Sheriff’s Department (WI). He has over 35 years of law enforcement service. He previously worked for the Brown County Sheriff’s Department (WI) as the Chief Deputy. Ed has held progressively responsible management positions and has 30 years of tactical experience, serving as an operator, team leader and commander of the Brown County Sheriff’s Emergency Response Unit. The Emergency Response Unit comprised the SWAT Team, Field Force and Bomb Squad. Ed also served as the Director of Public Safety in Howard, WI. He holds a M.S. in Leadership and Organizational Design, a graduate of the FBI National Academy Session 199 and the US Fire Administration Executive Fire Officer Program. Ed has over 15 years of experience with protective services including international operations. He instructs weapons, defense and arrest, and vehicle tactics. He also instructs several SWAT, counter terrorism and hazardous device related topics.

Mike Johnson

Mike has 29 years of Law Enforcement experience. Mike has worked at several municipal departments in Palm Beach County before joining the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. Mike has also served on many specialized units including the Dive Rescue Unit, Drug Enforcement Unit, Street Crime Suppression Unit and Special Response Team. While assigned to the Department’s Special Response Team, Mike held positions as Entry Team Member, Scout Sniper, Team Leader and Team Commander. Since joining the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office he has served in the Patrol Division as a Deputy Sheriff and Field Training Officer. He is currently assigned to the Training Bureau as Instructor and Range Manager. Mike holds instructor certifications in all the high liability areas.

Steve Johnson

Steve is a 32-year veteran of the North Carolina Department of Justice where he served as the Senior Firearms Instructor for the North Carolina Justice Academy. He was responsible for the training and certification of all law enforcement firearm instructors; all concealed carry handgun instructors, and all armed security firearms instructors. He has attended most major firearms manufacturer armorer courses and coordinated training programs such as Sniper, Submachine Gun and teaches basic SWAT courses. Steve currently serves as the Director of Special Projects for the North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association and was recently appointed as a member of the North Carolina Private Protective Services Board. Steve also serves as the President of the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI).

Rex Jones

Rex’s law enforcement career spans over four decades. He has worked at all levels of Law Enforcement, including command level. Rex retired from the Sim Valley Police Department (California) at the rank of Lieutenant.
Rex has extensive expertise in many disciplines. Tactical Operations, Tactical Weapons, Covert Investigations, Incident Command, Terrorist Incident Response, Aviation Security, Executive Protection, Dignitary Protection to name a few. Rex holds a BA in Security and Public Safety. He is a certified weapons instructor and armorer.

Gary Klugiewicz

Gary is a police and corrections expert employed by PoliceOne. He is the Director of the Active Countermeasures Instructional Systems, a national defensive tactics training entity. Gary retired from the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department after 25 years of service where he served as captain. He has won national championships in Knockdown Karate and fought several times in Japan. Gary brings this high impact intensity to law enforcement training. His name carries great weight in the development of safe but realistic, intense, dynamic simulation training. As former Street Survival Seminar instructor and nationally known defensive tactics instructor, Gary has impacted 100,000’s of law enforcement officers. He’s the developer of the Active Countermeasures System of Unarmed Blocking and Striking Techniques, a cornerstone of High Level Control Tactics. Gary is an instructor trainer for the Verbal Judo Institute. Gary has defended many officers in use-of-force legal proceedings.

Marty LaBrusciano

Marty is a veteran of 28 years of law enforcement special operations and management. LaBrusciano has served in a wide variety of special operations, specializing in Bomb Disposal, Explosive Breaching and Special Weapons and Tactics. Additionally, he has held a wide array of management assignments. LaBrusciano spent 25 years at the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office (Florida) where he retired as a Deputy Director of Metropolitan Operations. After his retirement, Marty served as the Police Chief of Casselberry, Florida for three years. He is a Navy veteran, a graduate of the FBI National Academy and Law Enforcement Executive Institute, in addition to earning an undergraduate degree in Psychology. LaBrusciano instructs a wide range of domestic and foreign law enforcement and military personnel.

Norm Lattig

Norm is a retired Sergeant with the Rockaway Borough Police Department in New Jersey and has 23 years of law enforcement experience, with 20 years as a Firearm Instructor. He was head of Firearm Instruction at the Department and taught firearms to basic recruits at the Police Academy. Norm is also a Submachine Gun and Assault Rifle instructor. He is involved in train-the-trainer course on Terrorism with the Joint Terrorism Task Force in New Jersey.

Col. Robert “Coach” Lindsey

Coach recently retired from Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office in New Orleans, Louisiana where he was Director of Security for the Jefferson Parish President’s Office, Police Survival Instructor, Range Master, Director of the Training Academy, and Commander of the Communications Center. A graduate of Loyola University and the FBI Academy, he has qualified and testified as an expert witness and is a published author.

Sean Little

Sean Little is currently working for the last 12 years for the US Capitol Police Department in Washington DC assigned as a firearms instructor teaching pistol, shotgun, and carbine to patrol officers. Also instructing precision rifle, carbine, CQB, and night vision devices to the Departments CERT team. Certified as a firearms instructor through the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco Georgia, and as a Precision Rifle Instructor through Heckler and Koch Inc. He is a 12 year veteran of the United States Marine Corps as a Scout Sniper having served as a team leader during Iraqi Freedom in 2004-’05 and also serving during Desert Storm. Sean has shot sniper competitions throughout his career and shot in the Precision Rifle Series in 2014.

William Luther

A 14 year veteran of law enforcement, William currently serves as the Sergeant of the training unit for the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office, Vero Beach. William has worked road patrol, Field Training, SWAT and in the training unit. William has been involved in training since 2002 and has continued to advance his education in the area of law enforcement instruction by gaining instructor certifications in the following disciplines: Firearms, Shoot house, vehicle operations, defensive tactics, SPEAR instructor, Redman and less lethal. William is a graduate of the Hathcock sniper school. William also serves as the agencies armorer in the platforms currently employed by his agency: Kimber, Remington, AR-15 and Glock.

Tom Marx

Tom Marx left the Chicago Police Department in 1988 to become one of three instructors at the Smith & Wesson Academy in Springfield, Massachusetts. After several years of teaching full time both nationally and internationally, he shifted roles at Smith: first to a series of technical positions and then as Head of their Domestic Law Enforcement Operations. He left S&W to organize a Law Enforcement Division for Michaels of Oregon as well as to help design and market much of their police-related duty gear. Leaving Uncle Mike’s, Tom became the Director of Intellectual Property for BLACKHAWK! Products Group in Virginia; focusing on the patent efforts for all of their divisions. Today, he is privately employed as a consultant in various firearms, accessory and training matters. Throughout his tenure at Uncle Mike’s, BLACKHAWK!, and now as a consultant, Tom has continued to lecture and instruct both inside and outside the US with such diverse groups as ILEETA, IALEFI, WIFLE, LETC, NDIA, and the NRA.

Ken McCormick

Ken McCormick retired as a Lieutenant Colonel after 23 years of service in the US Army, 20 of those years as a Military Policeman. Ken served both in the US and abroad and is a combat veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He served in numerous command and staff assignments in MP, CID and Infantry units in addition to four tours as Installation Provost Marshal. Ken has been a regional police academy adjunct firearms instructor as well as providing SRT, operations planning, tactical firearms and shoot house instruction to military and civilian law enforcement agencies in numerous states and foreign countries.

Raymond A. Merlin

Raymond A. Merlin served In the United States Marine Corps for 4 years in security forces and infantry and has over 26 years with the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department (WI).  He worked the most of his career on 3rd shift patrol and was a 20 year member of the Tactical Response Team. Ray has a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and Minor in Human Resource from Concordia University and is a Master instructor-trainer in Defense and Arrest Tactics, Principles of Subject Control, Firearms, Professional Communications, and Scenario Master Instructor. Ray serves on Advisory committees for the State of Wisconsin Training and Standards and is currently on the Tactical Advisory Committee for the State DOJ Training and Standards. Ray is a ILEETA Advisory Board member, an adjunct instruct and training coordinator for LE Training Division at Gateway Technical College-WI. Ray is an expert witness in Use of Force and Subject Control.

Gary J. Monreal

Gary retired in May 2010 after twenty-three years of law enforcement experience in corrections, patrol, SWAT, and training. As a patrolman with the City of New Berlin (WI) Police Department, his duties also included SWAT Team Leader, specializing in explosive entry. Gary is an instructor-trainer and currently teaches Active Shooter, defensive tactics, firearms, high-level simulations, submachine gun and SWAT. Gary has given various presentations at firearms and SWAT conferences throughout the United States, Germany and China. A former adjunct instructor with Heckler & Koch, International Training Division; Gary has taught with Team One Network since its inception. Gary has been recognized as an expert witness in the Use of Deadly Force and has given opinions in both State and Federal courts. Gary is recipient of multiple department awards and citations; including City of New Berlin Police Department Medal of Honor.

Eckhard “Ecko” Niebergall

Ecko has 35 years experience with the Hesse State Police (Germany) where he is responsible for the development and improvement of state firearms training programs, defensive tactics programs and the implementation of Interact Defence-Training of which he is the co-developer. He has served 20 years with the Frankfurt Police Department, working riot control, Anti-Drug operations, execution of warrants and executive protection. For the past 25 years he has become a certified active firearms instructor both nationally and internationally, instructor for defensive tactics, CQB, and executive protection. He is President of the Polizeitrainer in Deutschland e. V. (Police Trainers of Germany n.p.O.), a consultant of European Union law enforcement training programs, Expert of Witness and co-editor of the POLIZEITRAINER MAGAZIN. Ecko is Team One Network’s International advisor.

Tim O’Neill

Tim is a specialist law enforcement, firearms, medical and training professional with over 30 years of operational armed policing, threat management and training experience within the UK and International arena with extensive experience of designing and delivering counter-threat and personal protection training for Police, Military and civilian experts deploying both domestically and to overseas missions. Tim is an active member of the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI), Polizei-trainer (Police-trainer) in Germany (PiD), National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT), is a Member of the UK Society for Education and Training, holds recognised teaching qualifications, including QTLS status and regularly delivers training and presents to audiences at Regional, National and International events.

Dave Oginski

Dave Oginski is currently a Sheriff’s Deputy with the Marinette County Sheriff’s Office in Wisconsin. Dave spent 9 years with the Wisconsin DNR as a Conservation Warden stationed in Milwaukee and Wausaukee. He served as an instructor for the Recruit Academy, Field Training Officer, Background Investigator and Tactical Instructor for EVOC and Vehicle Contacts. Dave has been an instructor with Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) since 2010, where he teaches Tactical ATV and Snowmobile Training, Boating BUI Enforcement, and the NASBLA Standardized Seated Field Sobriety Testing. Dave is also a certified DOJ instructor for the NHTSA Standardized Field Sobriety Testing.

Lorenzo Paladino MD

Lorenzo Paladino MD is an Associate professor of Emergency Medicine at one of the largest level I trauma centers in the country. Dr Paladino is a Board Certified EMS Director and Counter Narcotics and Terrorism Operational Medical Support (CONTOMS) certified. Dr Paladino is active in disaster medicine, hospital threat assessment and bioterrorism preparedness. He has years of field experience working as a paramedic in the NYC 911 system prior to medical school and is an active paramedic instructor. Dr Paladino is an Advanced Trauma Life Support instructor and a Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) instructor, frequently teaching Air force Pararescue (PJs), DOD, Army Special Forces 18 D, FBI, Homeland Security and SWAT personnel. He has worked on the front line in Iraq multiple times with the US and Iraq SF on the war on terror. Expertise includes penetrating trauma, critical care, blast injuries, injury ballistics, chemical attacks, K9 medicine, and scuba rescue and emergencies.

Jamie Pavlischak

Jamie has been a member of the Spokane City Police department for the past 21 years. He was a member of the crowd control/riot TAC team before joining the SWAT Team. He has been an operator for 14 years and 13 of that as an additional member of the marksman team. He is currently an operator, marksman and a team leader. He is a certified Firearms, Rifle, Submachine Gun, Shotgun and Precision Marksman Instructor. He was a district representative for the Washington State Tactical Officers Association and Field training officer for his department. He’s been an instructor at the Spokane Regional Training Facility teaching and critiquing Firearms, Domestic Violence, Patrol Procedures and Field Interviews/contacts.

Vincent Pestilli

Vince is President and CEO of Pestilli and Associates. He has represented many firearms manufacturers including Benelli, Bushmaster, Franchi, Stoeger and HK. He has recently retired as a Master Sergeant from the Massachusetts National Guard with over 40 years of combined service in the U.S. Army and MA National Guard 26th Infantry Division. His military assignments have included; Unit Marksmanship Program Coordinator for the MA Army National Guard, Soviet Military Weapons Instructor, Foreign Military Weapons Instructor, Instructor for U.S. Army Anti-Terrorism School and NCOIC for Small Arms Training Unit, MA Army National Guard.

Jim Phillips

Jim Phillips served on the Camden, New Jersey PD for thirty eight years, a city noted for its extreme crime rate. He was on their Tactical unit as an operator, supervisor and commander for twenty-five years. He also commanded that cities patrol division and their traffic division at various times. He was featured in the “Surviving Edged Weapons” tape and the History Channels special on “Espionage Weapons”. He worked with Heckler & Koch as an adjunct instructor and has been with the Team One Network team since it was founded by John Meyer. He is the author of several books on police training and weapons. He is the director of Phillips Publications, a company that specializes in the research and publication of elite US units and their weapons, equipment and training. His company currently has several projects in production to include US Special Forces, and a study of the devices and weapons used in espionage. He serves on the Board of Directors of the American Bladesmiths Society.

O. Frank Repass

O. Frank Repass is a nationally recognized firearms expert and court certified expert. Frank served as the Orlando Police Department Range Master for 21 years. He was selected as FOP 1999 Officer of the Year. Frank served for 21 years on the Orlando Police Department SWAT Team where he performed more than 500 operations. He was the first Chairman of the Competition Committee for the Annual SWAT Round Up. He retired from active duty after 25 years of distinguished service. He currently teaches local, state and federal law enforcement in the areas of firearms operations, tactical firearms and SWAT. He has been an IALEFI member since 1984 and has served on the board of directors since 1986. Frank is the 1st Vice President of IALEFI and currently is the Range Master at Kennedy Space Center.

Randy Revling

Is a retired Captain and 28-year veteran of the Brown County Sheriff’s Department in Green Bay, WI where I served as Captain and Director of the Professional Standards and Training Division. Also I have served as Captain, Patrol Division Director, and as Lieutenant in Patrol assigned as Shift Commander. Also, as the Team Leader of the Emergency Response Unit (S.W.A.T.), Department Training Sergeant and Patrol Officer assigned to Patrol and Jail.  He instructed law enforcement and criminal justice at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) in Green Bay, Wisconsin part-time from 1982-2002, and full-time 2002-2015. As an instructor in the Law Enforcement Academy and an Instructor Trainer at NWTC I instructed future and current law enforcement officers and law enforcement instructors.  Previous to that, I was an adjunct faculty member at Fox Valley Technical College, and a guest instructor at many other Wisconsin Technical Colleges since about 1981. At Northwestern University,

John Riddle

John is a Retired Sergeant who served the West Palm Beach Police Department. During his 28 years of service he has worked as a Patrol Officer, Field Training Officer and Road Patrol Supervisor. He is certified in the State of Florida to teach Defensive Tactics and Firearms to Law Enforcement officers. In 1989, he was selected to become a member of the SWAT Team for the West Palm Beach Police Department where he served for 16 years. He instructed the SWAT Team defensive tactics program, firearms and tactical entry. He worked for 13 years on the Entry Team and 3 years as a Sniper Team Leader. He was a member of the CAT Team; a narcotics unit that performed drug buys, wrote search warrants, conducted prostitution stings and worked tactical patrol duties in high risk areas. He began teaching in the 1980’s when he was assigned as a Combat Arms Training Instructor (CATM) in the United States Air Force. During this time, he taught firearm skills to Air Force Security Police, Air Force Base Law Enforcement Personnel, Para Rescue and Combat Controllers.

Andrew Ruhland

Andy is an 8-year veteran United States Army. He was stationed at Fort Bragg his entire career. Following his Military service, he stayed in North Carolina were he obtained an Associates Degree in Machine Technology and studied Mechanical Engineering for two years. While going to school he worked in industry to obtain his Journeymen’s Tool and Die Certificate. In 2000 opened up his own business CMT Inc. (AKA Ruhl Tech Engineering) producing breaching tools, ladders and extensive training equipment used throughout the Special Operations Community including all Federal agencies, Military and Law Enforcement. Andy’s extensive 30 years of Machining/Manufacturing experience places his studies on Breaching tactics and operational equipment, he is also a certified instructor of Osen-Hunter’s SHEILD, teaching exothermic and breathing systems. Presently he is working on a State-of-the-Art indoor shooting range in Bozeman, MT.

Dan Savage

Dan has more than 36 years of law enforcement experience and retired as Deputy Chief of Operations for the Grand Rapids MI Police Department. He has been involved in tactical operations the vast majority of his career and has held every rank and position on his agency’s full-time Special Response Team including Commander. Dan has instructor certifications in handgun, shotgun, Master submachine gun, Senior Master TASER Instructor and was a training board member for TASER International, distraction devices, aerosol projectors, specialty impact munitions, tactical chemical agents, Simunition® scenario instructor and safety certification. He has served on National Institute of Justice Technical Working Groups for less-lethal technology and SWAT. Dan is Clandestine Lab certified, a site safety officer, and has attended several WMD tactical operator and commander courses. He is a graduate of the FBI National Academy Session #217.

Tony Scotti

Tony has been training people to protect themselves from violence for over 30 years. His name is synonymous with high-risk driving training and his clients are heads of state, corporate executives, security driver/chauffeurs and professional security personnel in government and the private sector. He has trained more than 700 personnel from corporations in 29 countries on five continents. He teaches from hands-on, life experiences, which can only be acquired from experiencing a variety of environments, some of which find crime and terrorism a daily occurrence. Colombia, Peru, Iran, Kuwait, Jordan, Mexico, Brazil, Egypt, El Salvador, Haiti, and Pakistan are some of the countries in which his programs have been implemented.

Timothy J. Sharpee

Tim is a 30-year law enforcement veteran who retired as a Captain for the Wauwatosa Police Department (WI). He was the former Director of Training and Personnel, Range Master and Lead Firearms Instructor. As a 20 year veteran of the departmentâ’s Special Response Team he served as an Operator, Team Leader, and Team Commander. Tim has taught use of force, advanced firearms, active shooter response tactics, workplace violence preparedness, and tactical operations courses. In 2013 and in 2015, under the direction of the U.S. State Department, Tim led an instructional team and traveled to Chisinau Moldova. The goal of this training initiative was to implement a multi-faceted police training program for the Moldovan Police Department. Tim attained his Bachelor of Science degree from Minnesota State University-Mankato, and is a Certified Public Manager through the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Tim currently instructs in the Criminal Justice Program at Waukesha County Technical College.

Lee Shaykhet

Lee emigrated to the United States from the former Soviet Union in 1979 and trains defensive tactics, SWAT applications, edged weapons, firearms and fitness programs.  He has a unique approach focused on simple and practical applications. Lee taught numerous programs for Law Enforcement Agencies in the US and Canada. His training is well received because it works under real life conditions. He is a member of ILEETA where he presents annually.  Lee has testified as an expert on use of force and appeared in interviews with local media to explain and comment on police applications.

Trevin Sorby

Trevin is a retired Lieutenant, with 27 years of service, from the Prince William County (VA) Police Department. Many of those years were with the SWAT Team and his final position was Deputy Team Commander.  Trevin has extensive experience in incident/event management and served several years coordinating and supervising large scale events.  He was also a Watch Commander, Patrol Supervisor, Emergency Management Representative, Firearms Training Unit Supervisor and Firearms Instructor.

Bill Strang

Bill is founder and President of Tactical & Survival Specialties, Inc. (TSSI) and is retired from the U.S. Navy after 24 years of active and reserve service. His military background is quite diverse spending over half of his career assigned to Naval Construction Force Units (Seabee’s). In addition to being Seabee Combat Warfare qualified, Bill was also recognized as a Master Training Specialist and Instructor in small arms marksmanship, crew served weapons, small unit tactics, law enforcement and physical security skills. Concurrently, Bill has been involved in the law enforcement and military special operations community for over 20 years providing tactical equipment, technical and logistic support. He holds certifications as an instructor in chemical munitions, distraction devices, and the MP5 submachine gun.

Mark Suchy

Mark Suchy is currently a Patrol Sergeant with the West Palm Beach Police Department, and has served at that agency for the past 27 years.  Mark is currently in charge of the Field Training Program.  He was a member of the S.W.A. T. Team for 15 years, serving as an Entry Team Member, Sniper, Sniper Team Leader and Sniper Team Instructor.  Mark is a State of Florida and N.R.A. certified Firearms Instructor and an Adjunct Firearms Instructor for the West Palm Beach Police Department, specializing in basic and advanced tactical pistol and rifle instruction.  Since 2008, Mark has also been a Firearms and Classroom Instructor at the Palm Beach State College Criminal Justice Institute.

Joe Tuzzolino

Joe is a retired Detective from the Clifton Police Department which he served for 28 years. A decorated Marine Corp Veteran with Vietnam Combat service, he was assigned as a Tactical Team Leader/Instructor. Joe was the senior member of the Passaic County Hazardous Devices Technician Team and, has been a consultant for explosive entry for the past 23 years. He is a Fire Arm Instructor and former Range Master of the County of Passaic in New Jersey.

Kathleen Vacca

Kathleen Vacca graduated from the University of Florida with a B.S. degree in Journalism and Communication. After five years as a reporter, she traded in her 35mm camera for a .38 revolver and began her law enforcement career. During the next two decades, Kathleen worked in a variety of assignments, including patrol, narcotics, training, juvenile crime, internal affairs, and gang intelligence before retiring as a sergeant in the drug unit’s major case squad. As a high liability instructor, Kathleen taught defensive tactics, mobile field force, tactical communication, and rapid response to active shooters. She is an adjunct instructor with the Multi-Jurisdictional Counterdrug Task Force and teaches surveillance courses at the local, state, and national level.

Kathleen Vonk

Kathleen has been a police officer since 1988. She designed and implemented the Police Wellness Instructor Course for the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards, on which she is an expert, consultant, and instructor-trainer. She is a faculty member of the Washtenaw Community College (WCC) in Ann Arbor Michigan, and has been the primary fitness instructor for the WCC Police Academy since 2001. She has a BA and a BS and is a certified firearms instructor, H&K Pistol Instructor, RedMan Simulation Training Instructor, Simunition Supervisor, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), Health Promotion Director by the Cooper Institute, and is an FTO for her agency. She has published many articles in national and international journals regarding police cycling, officer survival, firearms and tactics, fitness, and police performance under stress, and she has presented these subjects at international conferences since 1995.

Paul Wassill

Paul is a recently retired Sergeant from a major Canadian police department with 32.7 years of operational police experience including: uniform patrol officer, firearms/use of force/tactics instructor, Criminal Investigations Branch, uniform patrol supervisor, Tactical Support Unit operator and supervisor, and the implementation, strategies, equipment and training of the department’s Nuclear Security Division. Paul has instructor certifications in law enforcement handgun, shotgun, rifle, precision rifle, Taser© Master Instructor, and use of Simunition© non-lethal training ammunition. He is also a court qualified subject matter expert and lecturer on firearms and other offensive weapons. Paul also has completed police mentoring and training missions in Bosnia & Herzegovina, as a Canadian Civilian Police (CivPol) member of the United Nations Mission in Bosnia & Herzegovina (UNMIBH), and the Canadian Kandahar Provincial Reconstruction Team (KPRT) in Afghanistan. Paul also assists in the training of Canadian police contingents assigned to Afghan National Police training in Afghanistan.

Tobie Weberg

Tobie Weberg is a 21 year law enforcement veteran who holds the rank of Deputy Inspector with the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office, State of Wisconsin. He currently is the Police Services Bureau Commander, which includes the Patrol Division, Criminal Investigation Division, Airport Security Division, Federal Task Forces, Dive Unit, and Explosives Ordnance Disposal (Bomb Squad). Previous assignments include Jail, Patrol, Detective, US Marshal’s Fugitive Task Force, Warrant Squad, Gun Unit, and Targeted Enforcement Unit. He has been a member of the SWAT Team continuously since 1996 and has held the positions of Technician, Team Leader and Training Officer. He was appointed to SWAT Commander in 2007, which he currently still serves in this capacity. He is a graduate of the FBI National Academy Session 243, FBI Hazardous Devices Executive Management Program, and Leadership in Crises Program at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government as well as many other schools. He has served as an instructor in several different disciplines. He currently serves on the Executive Board for the Association of SWAT Personnel – Wisconsin (ASP-WI).

John Weisman

Seven time New York Times bestselling author John Weisman is one of a select company of authors to have their books on both the Times nonfiction and fiction bestseller lists. His most recent book is “Welcome to Putingrad” the real-life story of Franz Sedelmayer, the only individual ever to collect money from Vladimir Putin. John’s analysis has appeared in AFIO’s INTELLIGENCER. He has lectured on terrorism and radicalization at the U.S. Army’s Asymmetric Warfare Group at Ft. Meade, ILEETA conferences, and police and sheriffs departments. He is an NRA-certified pistol instructor who was instrumental in creating SWAT exercises for Loudoun and Fairfax counties (VA), and worked on active shooter exercises for the City of Manassas Park and Clarke County (VA). From 2009-2012 he was a member of the Clarke County (VA) Sheriff’s Advisory Board. From 2011-2013 he served on the National Rifle Association’s Public Affairs Committee

Heather Williams

Heather Williams is Sergeant with the Chattanooga Police Department. She has worked in the patrol division, special investigations, and Crime Scene Unit. She is a member of the departments SWAT team. She has received extensive tactical training and is an instructor for Team One Network. She has written for the NTOA newsletter and is a member of the NTOA testing and evaluation program for female tactical gear. She has also presented at an IALEFI annual training conference on training issues related to the female officers. Sergeant Williams has trained school resource officers in tactics specific to their environment and has taught Active Shooter Instructor courses for Team One Network.  She graduated from The University of the South (Sewanee) with a degree in biology and chemistry. As a student athlete Heather earned All American honors in cross country, track and field and is a two-time National Champion in the 1500 meter run. Heather obtained her master’s degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga.

Mike Williams

Mike Williams is a 39 year law enforcement veteran and is currently the Training Coordinator for Team One Network. Mike retired in July of 2010 as Deputy Chief of Police at the Chattanooga Police Department in Tennessee. He ran the department’s day to day operations and was responsible for 650 sworn and civilian employees. He was a former director of training at the Chattanooga Police Academy and was full time SWAT Team commander for several years. As a 39 year Law Enforcement veteran and a 25 year veteran SWAT officer, he served as an operator, Team Leader and Team Commander and still acts as a senior advisor and trainer for Chattanooga SWAT. He is a member of the IALEFI Board of Directors and editor of its magazine, The Firearms Instructor. Mike testifies as an expert witness in State and Federal Courts on the Police Use of Force and tactical team operations and teaches Team One’s Tactical Commander Course.

Joe Willis

Joe retired from the United States Army as a Military Police First Sergeant after more than 20-years of service. His assignments have also included Military Police Operations Sergeant, Special Reaction Team Commander, and Investigator.  Throughout his career, he spent more than 5 years in foreign countries; Iraq, Germany, Honduras, and Korea. His military education includes DOD Non-Lethal Weapons Instructor, SRT Marksman/Observer, Military Police Investigator, Anti-Terrorism Advisor, Army Basic Instructor, Air Assault. Joe is a certified Master Army Ethics Instructor, Mediator (advanced) and a graduate of the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute. His last few military assignments include Operations Sergeant Major for a Combined Arms Training Brigade, Senior Enlisted Advisor for the Department of Military Science at West Point, and the West Point Equal Opportunity Program Manager.

Robert C. Willis

Robert C. Willis has trained federal, state and local agencies and officers for over 25 years in the areas of defensive tactics, firearms, emergency vehicle operations, vehicle contacts, professional communications, constitutional law, report writing and numerous other disciplines. For a decade he co-presented the Calibre Press “Street Survival® Seminar” across the USA and Canada. He still works as a police officer (part-time) and is a sworn deputy sheriff. Bob is a full-time Instructor at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He often serves as a litigation consultant and “expert witness” and has testified in Federal and State Courts, Grand Jury Hearings, Coroner’s Inquests as well as Police Disciplinary Hearings to explain and critique the force and/or procedural actions of officers. Bob authored the original State of Wisconsin’s Defensive and Arrest Tactics Manual and has contributed articles to national publications.

Mannifred Yates

Fred is a retired U.S. Army veteran with an extensive Special Operations background in both the Special Forces and the Rangers.  After the Army he became a Deputy Sheriff in North Carolina. He served as a SWAT Team Leader, Road Deputy, Patrol Sergeant, Firearms Instructor, Defensive Tactics Instructor, and Tactical Instructor.  Fred also served as a Contract Officer overseas for the Department of Justice in both a Law Enforcement and a Police Training role. He served in several war-torn countries fulfilling those roles.  After serving as a contract officer Fred went to work for the Heckler & Koch International Training Division for 7 years as an Instructor. He taught all the weapon disciplines as well courses ranging from Executive Protection to Tactical Incident Commander courses. He now instructs courses as an Adjunct Instructor for TeamOne Network, Simunitions, IALEFI, and several other Law Enforcement & Military Training Entities.

John H. Zamrok

John H. Zamrok is a decorated Marine Corps Vietnam veteran. He retired from NJ Municipal and State law enforcement after 24-years including service as a SWAT team leader. His 40+ years as a law enforcement firearms instructor includes five years as a full-time regional instructor for H&K’s International Training Division and 10-years as the NJ State Range Master. He coordinated recruit and in-service firearms training and trained a new generation of trainers as, Assault Rifle and Subgun Instructors. John is now a consultant and provides training for Team One Network, Awareness Protective Consultants and supports IALEFI training as a Life Member. John is a Golden Eagle Life member of the NRA, an NRA certified instructor for handgun and shotgun and an NRA Chief Range Safety Officer. He also trained members the national Army of Benin, Africa as a State Department contractor to prepare them for UN Peace Keeping operations in the Ivory Coast and the Congo.