Carsten “Joppi” Joppek

Polizeihauptkommissar A12 (Captain) Carsten Joppek began his career in 1983 with the Police of Berlin (Capital City of Germany)
Next year he will celebrate 40th in police service.
He worked in a Police Emergency Squad and led an arrest unit working in riot control. For three years he was a telecommunications officer in a staff office. Then he went to university and graduated with a bachelor degree. He changed from the intermediate service to the higher intermediate service. Then he worked at a police station in a high crime area. This was followed by10 years in the CID Special Operation Unit. At the same time, he was a senior firearms instructor of the CID special operations units in the “Alliance of Northern States” of the Federal Republic of Germany. During this period, he remained the senior firearms instructor for the MEK Berlin. Since 2010, he has been working as a senior firearms instructor at the Police Academy in Berlin. He trains trainers and teaches them how to handle new weapons. He is also a team leader of firearms Instructors teaching instructors, students and police cadets. Joppi has received serval commendations and awards including the Ehrenmedailie für besondere Leistungen bei der Polizei Berlin”(Medal of Honor for special service in the service of the berlin police).
Joppi is also a member of the Polizeitrainer in Deutschland e.V.(Police Trainers of Germany n.p.O.)
He is an appraiser of the Berlin School of Economics and Law and self-defense instructor and advisor of many companys and organizations with security problems.
• Active Shooter Instructor – Wiesbaden Germany
• IWA in Nürnberg Germany
• Polizeitrainer Fachkonferenz (European Trainer Conference)