Eckhard “Ecko” Niebergall

Ecko has 35 years experience with the Hesse State Police (Germany) where he is responsible for the development and improvement of state firearms training programs, defensive tactics programs and the implementation of Interact Defence-Training of which he is the co-developer. He has served 20 years with the Frankfurt Police Department, working riot control, Anti-Drug operations, execution of warrants and executive protection. For the past 25 years he has become a certified active firearms instructor both nationally and internationally, instructor for defensive tactics, CQB, and executive protection. He is President of the Polizeitrainer in Deutschland e. V. (Police Trainers of Germany n.p.O.), a consultant of European Union law enforcement training programs, Expert of Witness and co-editor of the POLIZEITRAINER MAGAZIN. Ecko is Team One Network’s International advisor.