Gary J. Monreal

Gary retired in May 2010 after twenty-three years of law enforcement experience in corrections, patrol, SWAT, and training. As a patrolman with the City of New Berlin (WI) Police Department, his duties also included SWAT Team Leader, specializing in explosive entry. Gary is an instructor-trainer and currently teaches Active Shooter, defensive tactics, firearms, high-level simulations, submachine gun, and SWAT. Gary has given various presentations at conferences throughout the United States, Germany, and China. A former adjunct instructor with Heckler & Koch®, International Training Division. Gary has taught with Team One Network since its inception and teaches for Simunition®. Gary has been recognized as an expert witness in the Use of Deadly Force and Force-on-Force simulation training; having given opinions in both State and Federal courts. Gary is recipient of multiple department awards and citations, including City of New Berlin Police Department Medal of Honor.