John H. Zamrok

John H. Zamrok is a decorated Marine Corps Vietnam veteran. He retired from NJ Municipal and State law enforcement after 24-years including service as a SWAT team leader. His 40+ years as a law enforcement firearms instructor includes five years as a full-time regional instructor for H&K’s International Training Division and 10-years as the NJ State Range Master. He coordinated recruit and in-service firearms training and trained a new generation of trainers as, Assault Rifle and Subgun Instructors. John is now a consultant and provides training for Team One Network, Awareness Protective Consultants and supports IALEFI training as a Life Member. John is a Golden Eagle Life member of the NRA, an NRA certified instructor for handgun and shotgun and an NRA Chief Range Safety Officer. He also trained members the national Army of Benin, Africa as a State Department contractor to prepare them for UN Peace Keeping operations in the Ivory Coast and the Congo.