Joshua A. Leheny

Josh has 15 years of law enforcement experience and currently serves with the Palm Beach County (FL) Sheriff’s Office.  His is currently assigned to the Training Division as an Instructor and also serves as trainer for the agency’s Emergency Field Force (EFF).  Prior to joining the Sheriff’s Office he worked for the Greenacres Department of Public Safety.  There he worked as a Patrol Officer, Field Training Officer, FTO Manager, Special Response Team (SWAT) member and trainer and his last assignment was running the department’s training and managing the range.  He is also an instructor police academy where he teaches defensive tactics, firearms, vehicle operations, and general topics.  With 20 years of martial arts experience in Jeet Kune Do Concepts, BJJ/Submission Grappling, Muay Thai and much of his focus in blade related concepts found in the Filipino Martial Arts. Josh holds instructor certifications in Inayan Eskrima, Modular Blade Concepts (CSSD/Combat Arnis), vehicle operations, active shooter, RedMan, Simunitions, as well as several disciplines of firearms and defensive tactics/use of force.