Ronald “Doc” Davis PhD

Ronald “Doc” Davis served with the United States Navy as a hospital corpsman with Echo Company of the 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines. After his military service he began his 20 years in law enforcement. During that time he served as the commander of the Boynton Beach Police Department’s hostage negotiation and stress management teams. Additionally, he was tasked with leading various road patrol units, code enforcement, and the crime prevention unit. Doc retired in 2016 and turned his focus to providing instruction to law enforcement professionals. Doc has a PhD in psychology, and previously served as an undergraduate professor of psychology at an accredited four year university. His research interests focus on the areas of hostage/crisis negotiation, crisis intervention, stress and Autism. He also continues to expand his law enforcement knowledge and has recently obtained his Force Science analyst certification. Doc provides a unique learning experience through his ability to combine academic, professional and personal experiences into his courses. Whether discussing academic theory, the realities faced by law enforcement professionals, or the amazing journey his Autistic son has taken him on, Doc is able to make the most complicated scenarios understandable, relatable, and memorable.