Vincent Rubio

Vinny is a retired New Jersey municipal police officer with 27 years of service. He retired as a Sergeant in the support services bureau where he handled all of the agencies training and logistics.
After graduating from the New Jersey State Police Academy, Vinny served several years in every division of his 100 man agency.
During his career he also carried out several special projects including an agency wide pistol transition, starting the agencies patrol rifle and ATV programs. He was also assigned as the agencies counter terrorism, active shooter, firearms, tactics and procurement SME.
Vinny handled all aspects of department training, including overseeing a 20 man training unit, as well as all aspects of agency procurement, including vehicles, uniforms/ gear, technology, weapons and surplus.
Vinny is currently served the last 20 years of his career as the range master of his agency, and currently still serves as the range master for the Ocean County police academy. He holds multiple county, state, federal and national instructor certifications in pistol, shotgun, submachine gun, patrol and scoped rifle as well as low light and red dot. Additionally Vinny holds armorer certifications for Colt, Sig Sauer, Glock, FN, Ruger, Benelli, Springfield armory and Smith and Wesson.
Vinny holds instructor certifications in Taser, Baton and FN303. Other notable instructor certifications are medical, active shooter and civil unrest related TCCC, Stop the Bleed, LASER, ALICE, NTOA, ALERRT.
He is a former entry team member, squad and platoon leader for the Ocean County Regional SWAT Team, where he was a 15 year founding member, serving 5 years prior on the departments tactical team.
Vinny has developed and carried out numerous courses on use of force (with practical application), critical incident response for patrol officers, tactical operator for patrol, counter ambush for patrol, basic SWAT, New Jersey Police Training Commission approved firearms instructor course, patrol rifle operator, patrol rifle instructor, tactical pistol operator, tactical pistol instructor, overall instructor development as well as several other courses.