Jon Miller

Regional Sales Manager
Territory: WV/ VA
Cell: 540-810-7004
Office: 540-752-8190 ext 19

Jon Miller serves as the Regional Sales Manager for Team One Network’s Public Safety Division, overseeing the Virginia and West Virginia territories. With a background rooted in service, Jon dedicated six years to the Army National Guard, where he served as a mechanic (63J) in the 222nd Detachment of the 29th Infantry Division.

Jon embarked on a robust 20-year career within the Defense and Public Safety Industries, driven by a passion for equipping both warfighters and first responders with top-notch tactical gear and services. His journey in the industry began with pivotal roles in sales and marketing at Tactical & Survival Specialties, Inc. (TSSi), where he not only contributed to the growth of the organization but also availed himself of numerous leadership and specialty courses, further enriching his expertise.

In early 2023, Jon joined Team One Network’s Public Safety Division, bringing a wealth of experience and a unique skill set cultivated through years of dedicated service. His extensive background, coupled with military experience, positions him as a key player in the Fleet Vehicle Equipment sector. As Regional Sales Manager, Jon utilizes his comprehensive understanding of the Defense and Public Safety Industries to provide tailored solutions and support for clients in Virginia and West Virginia.

Jon Miller’s commitment to excellence, coupled with his diverse background, makes him an invaluable asset to Team One Network. His proficiency in strategic sales and marketing, honed through years of hands-on experience and continuous education, ensures that he is well-equipped to meet the evolving needs of clients in the dynamic realm of public safety.