“Make it Happen” Award:


The award symbolizes the values of Team One Network as represented by two iconic elements:

The eagle adorns this award, which represents the strength, courage, knowledge, integrity, and forward focus that has been the attributes of all its recipients.

The hand-hewn base – made from barn beams used for its strength in framing structures.  The wood is aged, sturdy, axe-textured, squared, imperfect but offering character and structural integrity much like the recipients have done for Team One.

MIH Award Eligibility

Initially, MIH will be awarded to the original “board of directors” – individuals who have participated in Team One Network since its’ founding 15 years ago.

Going forward, the past recipients of the award will nominate and vote for a new awardee. A majority vote will qualify the person to be awarded the MIH award. (Not a unanimous, because it will never happen with the raging A personalities) awarded yearly…. or when so inspired to a qualified individual.

What does it mean to receive the MIH award?

The MIH award is only given to those individuals whose tenure with Team One has been at least 10 years and has participated in not only Team One Training classes, but also participated in the events and organizations that exemplify Team One Network’s values. Those who have volunteered or participated in events such as:

  • Wounded warrior range day
  • SWAT for C.O.P.S Golf event
  • Katz Deli event at Walter Reed
  • Candlelight vigil at the LE Memorial
  • Organization of Kits and Team One HQ
  • Constant input on improving lesson plans, manuals, and photos/videos
  • Participation in Team One conferences and C.O.P.S. fund raising events
  • Marketing Team One Network through their own channels

“One major trait that you have exhibited during your tenure is your willingness to disagree with Me.”

~ John Meyer

“Charter Awardees”
Dave Brancato
Steve Johnson
Norm Lattig
Jason Meyer
Gary Monreal
Ecko Niebergall
Bill Sandman
Bill Selley
Bill Strang
Joe Tuzzolino
Paul Wassill
Mike Williams
John Zamrok


Kati Cole
Jim Phillips

Pete Ebel

Mike Champa
Lorenzo “Doc” Paladino
Joe Willis