Any of our courses are available in either open enrollment or agency exclusive format.  Each of these offers several advantages to the host agency and we’ll gladly help the host choose the best option.

Open Enrollment Courses

In an open enrollment course the host agency opens seats to other agencies to fill.  The host agency helps market the course to local agencies and provides the space for the training.  They also assist participants with specific questions about the local area and applicable policies or laws that out of town/state participants should be aware of.  In exchange for serving as a host the agency will get at least one free slot (2 if more than 16-paying participants register).  We handle all of the nation-wide marketing on social media and


Exclusive Courses

Agencies can buy out an entire course.  To host a course exclusively, the agency will need to pay for at least 20 slots at full price and may put up to 24 participants into the training.  If the agency needs more than 24 slots, special coordination may be required and each additional slot will be charged at regular price.  For more information please contact us.