School/Work Violence Workshop

The objective of this course is to prepare Police, Fire, EMS, city and county government, hospitals and transportation management and command staff to have a full mutual aid response to a serious act of violence in any school system in a timely manner.

Instruction will include the development of a master plan outlining protocol for response to any school in a given system and information on each individual school within that system (i.e. updated floor plans, aerial photographs, contact information for responsible parties such as Principal, School Resource Officer, etc.)

The course also covers how the plan should be reviewed, practiced, updated and improved on a continuing basis and explaining how to conduct periodic exercises to test the effectiveness of the plan.


  • Review system-wide Crisis Response Plan concepts
  • Plan and conduct in-house training scenarios
  • Document intelligence information on all school (Site Surveys)
  • Establish and review responsibilities of students, faculty and administration during crisis plan activation
  • Review responsibilities of first responders: Police, Fire, EMS
  • Establish and operate an Incident Command Post
  • Transport un-injured to secondary collection point
  • Establish a system for accounting for all students, faculty, and other employees including those who have been transported to a medical facility
  • Establish a plan for dealing with parents, relatives and the news media and other logistical problems
  • Review crimes scene process and establish a plan for subsequent criminal investigation
  • Establish a plan to provide mental health counseling and care for those in need after an incident

Duration: 2-Days (16-Hours)

Tuition: $550.00

Ammunition: None

Equipment Required: None

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