Tactical Team Leaders Course

Team Leaders are the “hands on” leadership in tactical situations and have a vital role in their successful resolution. This course is designed for the newly appointed team leader or any tactical unit members responsible for the planning and success of tactical situations from briefing to de-briefing. 

Topics that will be covered are:

  • Conduct operational planning
  • Conduct briefings and de-briefings
  • Review and discuss training issues
  • Review and discuss communication issues
  • Establish methods of “Seeing the bigger picture”
  • Plan and conduct table top and group exercises
  • Plan and conduct scenario based training

Duration: 3-Days (24-Hours)

Tuition: $650.00

Ammunition: None

Equipment Required: Pistol with three magazines each.  Duty belt (or tactical vest) with all issued gear, body armor, flashlight, handcuffs with key, and gas mask.  Participants should come prepared to train in all weather conditions and should bring a hydration system or water bottle.  Wraparound eye protection, ear protection, and brimmed hats will be worn during all live fire training.  Participants should wear clothing suitable for training, but similar to garments worn while working.

Host this course at your location

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