Team One Network was founded by John T. Meyer Jr. in 2003. Mr. Meyer, formerly Vice President of Sales and Training at Heckler & Koch, knew the benefits of training programs and he formed Team One Network immediately upon his separation from H&K.

John’s vision for the company led to its name and symbol. His experience as leader came from being a member of a team. Teams are stronger than any individual and their ability to accomplish more together rather than separately have been proven time and time again. Hence, the use of “Team.”

As John examined why his teams had been successful over time, one observation was that he had hired trainers who always wanted to be the best and strove to constantly improve to become number one. The word “One” became the symbol for being the best.

Leading training programs around the world required a diverse and experienced group of instructors with expertise in many disciplines in many countries of the world. This Network of instructors and leaders provides great flexibility, quick response and key knowledge areas for Team One.

The Team One Emblem: there is no greater symbol of strength, courage and focus than the Eagle. The Team One eagle was inspired by the picture titled “Out of the Darkness-Bald Eagle” by Thomas D. Mangelsen ( One of the moving images of this picture is the appearance of the leading edge of the eagle’s wings stark against the background. We preserve that image by showing the eagle against black or grey in any logo of Team One.

Team One Network conducts Range Masters courses for Action Target