Team One Network Public Safety Division serves as a representative group for manufacturers specializing in products for emergency vehicles. Committed to professionalism and customer service, our mission is to provide dedicated support to both manufacturers and customers in the public safety industry. We offer a full range of services to our manufacturer clients, facilitating marketing efforts directed towards public safety organizations, end users, dealers, and distributors in the Mid-Atlantic territory.


SoundOff Signal is a leading provider of lighting and electronic solutions for emergency, safety, and commercial vehicles. Specializing in LED lights, sirens, and signaling devices, the company serves the needs of emergency responders and law enforcement, ensuring visibility and audible signals in critical situations.

Troy Products specializes in manufacturing aftermarket equipment and accessories for law enforcement vehicles. Known for their durable and high-quality solutions, the company offers custom-fit console systems, weapon mounts, storage solutions, and other products designed to enhance the functionality and organization of police and public safety vehicles.

American Aluminum Accessories is a leading manufacturer specializing in aluminum products for diverse industries, including law enforcement and emergency services. Renowned for their custom truck and van accessories, the company provides high-quality solutions such as cabinets, storage systems, and specialized components designed to meet the unique needs of professionals in various sectors.

Blac-Rac specializes in weapon retention systems, offering secure firearm mounts designed for quick access and safe storage. Ideal for law enforcement, military, and professional applications, Blac-Rac systems ensure firearms are readily available while preventing unauthorized access.

911 Circuits is a leading provider of specialized wiring harnesses tailored for emergency fleets. Driven by a passion for simplifying wiring tasks, the company is committed to continuous improvement through product evolution. With a talented staff and hands-on owners, they ensure accessibility and quality service. All products are proudly manufactured in-house using cutting-edge technologies, including state-of-the-art robotics, laser fabricating, and rapid prototype processes.


Jason Meyer
Director of Public Safety 

Territory: DC/DE/MD
Cell: 540-408-3257
Office: 540-752-8190 ext 15


Sean Desjardins
Regional Sales Manager

Territory: PA
Cell: 856-316-9807
Office: 540-752-8190 ext 17


Jon Miller
Regional Sales Manager 

Territory: WV/ VA
Cell: 540-810-7004
Office: 540-752-8190 ext 19


Greg Panzarella
Regional Sales Manager

Territory: Upstate New York (everything outside
of NYC and LI)
Cell: 845-590-5878
Office: 540-752-8190 ext 18


Kenneth Fisher
Regional Sales Manager

Territory: NJ/NYC/LI
Cell: 609-477-1247
Office: 540-752-8190 ext 22