Team One Network Public Safety Division

Our mission is to provide the highest level of professionalism, customer service and dedication to our manufacturers and customers in the public safety industry.

We provide an unwavering commitment to our manufacturers while utilizing aggressive marketing techniques designed to increase sales.

Team One Network Public Safety Division provides a full range of services to manufacturer clients for marketing to public safety organizations, end users, dealers and distributors in the Mid-Atlantic territory.


SoundOff Signal originated in 1992 as a manufacturer of high-quality safety solutions. Company founder George Boerigter, who serves as Chairman of the Board, transformed a small startup company into an organization that now supplies high technology safety solutions across the globe.  SoundOff Signal is an ESOP,employee-owned company. Each individual understands the freedom and discipline that is required to run an entrepreneurial company. Employees utilize technology, processes and a set of values as a foundation to their work:

  • Building Trust
  • A passion for Outstanding Customer Service
  • A “Live Excellence” Attitude
  • An Encouraged Entrepreneurial Spirit

This winning formula, coupled with a passion to serve, is what propels us to deliver solutions that create safer, more productive working environments to the markets we serve. This formula has also provided us with the good fortune of experiencing 25 years of uninterrupted sales growth.  Building on our rich history, commitment to our customers, and problem-solving design, we remain committed to deliver products and services you can trust.

At SoundOff Signal, you can rely on our capabilities that include:

  •  Smartly Designed products
  • Superior customer relationships
  • Quickest lead-times in the industry
  • Quality, high-performing products
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Expert technicians
  • Continuous improvement
  • Global market experience


American Aluminum manufactures a wide variety of products from high-quality CamLocker toolboxes to an extensive line of products designed to meet the ever-changing needs of the Law Enforcement Community. Our products include Inmate Transport Systems, K9 Vehicle Inserts, In- Vehicle Weapons Storage Vaults and Animal Control Systems. We continuously evolve and expand our products via the input from our valued customers. For over 20 years We Protect Those Who Protect Us.


TROY PRODUCTS strategy is to work closely with law enforcement agencies and fire departments to develop customized products guaranteed to meet their specific needs for safety, neatness, convenience and aesthetics. This design shaped the TROY PRODUCTS line into the largest assortment of long-lasting, high-quality, and good-looking products available from a single source.



Angle Armor exists to protect and preserve the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness for law enforcement and their families. Angel Armor’s Avail Ballistic Door Panels exceed NIJ standards for multi-round and special threat protection, all with a single panel and simple installation. Our proprietary design optimizes the coverage area for each unique make and model. The concealed and weatherproof panels are made for both driver and passenger side doors for the industry’s top vehicles. Rigorous testing ensures maximum safety and peace of mind, so you can respond with confidence in any situation.

Reduce the Risk in High-Risk Stops

  • Level III, IIIA, III+ Ballistic vehicle armor
  • Fastest installation in the industry
  • Does not impact function of OEM vehicle
  • Available in the industry’s top vehicles
  • No special tools needed for install



NightRide™ is the leading brand in vehicle mounted thermal cameras.  The cameras are designed for the unique requirements of public safety, security professionals, hunters and outdoor sporting.

NightRide cameras offer high-resolution thermal imaging purpose-built for mounting on first responder vehicles. Select models accommodate remote controlled 360 pan/tilt capability – pair it with a laptop tablet or phone for wireless heads-up display. No matter which model you choose you can count on NightRide’s rugged casing and intuitive controls to be ready to go wherever and whenever you need it.

The parent company, Wesa LLC, was founded in 2018 and is based in New York. The company’s chief engineer is an award- winning Israeli AF officer responsible for the design and implementation of guided bombs.

NightRide cameras are military grade, built to order in the US, and rated for use in all weather.