Ammo-Safe is the ORIGINAL Clear Chamber Indicator (CCI). American made and durable, this Nylon 6/6 plastic chamber blocker has a bright flexible “safety yellow” strip that extends out of the muzzle to provide immediate visual confirmation that your firearm is unloaded and safe.

Other Empty Chamber Indicators (ECI) devices such as chamber blockers or chamber flags do not allow the weapon to be dry-fired. These chamber flags and chamber blockers can also accidentally fall out when handling the weapon. With an Ammo-Safe device inserted in your firearm, this will never happen. Ammo-Safe is more effective than snap caps or other dummy rounds because they are designed to be ejected as the weapon is cycled. Ammo-Safe is designed to stay engaged in the weapon so it continues to be safe.

How We Use Ammo-Safe:

Team One Network uses Ammo-Safe products in all courses where live firearms are used in training scenarios.  Instructors check for properly installed Ammo-Safe during safety checks each before training can begin.  We’ve found that the most effective way to indicate that a weapon is safe for training is by simply sliding an Ammo-Safe through the barrel.  This incredibly simple method can be done quickly so officers can get back to training right away yet the bright colors can be easily identified by trainers and fellow participants to ensure training is as safe as possible.

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