Performance Advantage Company

Performance Advantage Company (PAC), established in 1992, is a privately-owned company which manufactures and markets high quality tool mounting brackets. PAC’s primary market is the Fire Industry, providing specialty tool mounting solutions for fire apparatus. Other markets include the Military, Law Enforcement, EMS, Utilities and Homeland Security. Performance Advantage Company headquarters is located in Lancaster, NY, a suburb of Buffalo, and sells its products direct or through a worldwide network of dealers.

The products PAC offers are designed to mount life-saving tools safely and securely. Versatile and flexible mounting options provide the most efficient and accessible solutions for tools and equipment. Whether new or in-service vehicles, PAC products can be customized for individual needs and requirements.

Just look inside the Team One Training trailers to see how these brackets are utilized to safely secure and transport a variety of tools and training materials.  A dedicated breaching cart utilizes PAC brackets to demonstrate all of the various pieces of breaching equipment available.