PRO EARS® Advanced Hearing Protection Technology

Only Pro Ears models of electronic hearing protection/amplification muffs feature “DLSC”, Dynamic Level Sound Compression Technology.  This superior technology allows the wearer to hear every sound even during high volume noise spikes.  While other brands say they have “compression technology”, they do not.  What they do have is outdated technology either “Peak Clipping” or “Automatic Level Control”.  “Peak Clipping” turns the amplification system off when noise levels reach a preset decibel level, leaving the wearer with passive muffs.

“Automatic Level Control” simply reacts to high noise levels by lowering the unit’s volume so the louder noise drowns out softer sounds.  IN both technologies, loud noise levels compromise the ability to hear quieter sounds.  Only Ridgeline’s “DLSC” technology protects hearing while at the same time allowing the wearer to hear lower volume sounds such as normal conversation.  “DLSC” works by instantly “compressing” all noises over the 70 dB threshold by 50% to a safe level while amplifying all sounds below that to 70 dB.  The result is the wearer will hear everything, including conversation, while simultaneously being protected from dangerous, high volume sounds.”

All of the Team One instructors have been issued with Pro Ears for use in firearms, breaching and tactical courses.