RedMan Training Gear

It all began for RedMan in 1984 with an inquiry from the Director of Training for the Secret Service. He wanted training gear that would allow agents more realistic full force instruction and safety, so he turned to us for our experience in trauma protection for the martial arts.

Through this relationship and consulting with other leading law enforcement trainers, we learned that defensive tactics training was not widely used due to a lack of equipment readily adaptable to situational training. With this input, we developed the first RedMan Suit, an innovative line of protective gear (named for its bright red color) that was light, flexible and sanitizable, yet provided blunt trauma protection that allowed more dynamic training than had ever been offered. It was an immediate hit and led to defensive tactics stimulation training becoming an indispensable standard practice in preparation for law enforcement and corrections duty.

Today, we continue to develop products that help trainers expand the limits of training, giving students the benefit from the most realistic experiences.

RedMan equipment is utilized in the Reality Based Scenario Instructor course, RedMan Instructor course, Active Countermeasures Tactical Instructor course, Counter Ambush Instructor course, Mountain Bike Instructorcourse and the Ground Combative course.

Without RedMan equipment, it would be difficult to safely conduct reality-based training.

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