Understanding and Using E-bikes for Duty and Recreation

This 18-hour course is designed to bridge traditional mountain bike operators with the new technology and advantages that e-bikes afford. Students should have basic skills in operating a mountain bike.


  • Discuss e-bike nomenclature and technology including ancillary equipment
  • Discuss the benefits of e-bike
  • Review e-bike classification and laws at a national level
  • Discuss E-bike maintenance and care
  • Compare and contrast e-bike operations with conventional bike riding
  • Operate safely in various traffic environments
  • Demonstrate mission ready practical and tactical riding skills
  • Demonstrate tactical shooting skills with both pistol and rifle.

Duration: 2-Day  (18-Hours) 

Tuition:  $595.00

Valid for: 3 Years

Equipment: Duty weapon and holster, quality e-bike from a reputable manufacturer properly fitted for rider, rear mounted bike rack, kickstand, charging unit, headlight and taillight, ANSI, Snell or CPSC approved bicycle helmet, shatter resistant eye protection, padded gloves, water bottle or hydration system, padded cycling shorts rain and/or cold weather gear recommended, basic bike repair tools, i.e., tire irons, spare tubes, tire patch kit, frame pump or CO2 and inflator, Phillips/flat head screwdrivers, Allen wrenches, and Personal first aid kit.

Ammunition: 200 rounds pistol, 150 rifle

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